Origin Story

Our time in history marks a shift from a reliance on external definitions of beauty, to prideful and self-embracing definitions of beauty. We are the ones that we have been waiting for.

At Kafui Naturals, we champion this care of self – of beauty – by being prideful and embracing of our source, Mother Nature. Our products are especially handcrafted using the abundance gifted by the African Soil, to assist you in maintaining and enhancing what you were born with. Our range was birthed from our founder’s kitchen experiments with Shea Butter, from her native Ghana, and essential oils to make our renowned body butter for herself and friends. The natural evolution of other skincare and haircare products that now make up the product line of her eponymous brand align unwaveringly with her philosophy to create an alternative brand that enhances and celebrates the natural beauty of skin and hair. The Kafui Naturals product line has been under continuous development for over 9 years to be the brand that Kafui envisioned – a brand void of unnecessary chemicals and that brings the awareness of beauty centered on Nature’s bounty.

Our range stems from mindfulness and the best quality ingredients sourced from the rich African continent, so our products are naturally vegan, and cruelty-free, void of chemicals, colorants and preservatives. The skin is the biggest organ of the body, and so the products used to nourish and strengthen it ought to be of the highest quality. As the crown of the body, hair is always in need of nourishment and strengthening, without the colorants and chemicals that we have become accustomed to. Handcrafting our products embracing this principle is our promise to supporting your natural hair and skincare rituals.



Kafui Awoonor is a woman of passion, deeply proud and protective of her Mother Continent, and has embraced indigenous knowledge of beauty to develop Kafui Naturals. Born in Ghana, Kafui was raised in Amsterdam where she lived for most of her life, until she made her way to Cape Town over nine years ago. Out of necessity, Kafui started making her own beauty products after realizing that what was available to her in South African stores contained a lot of chemicals and preservatives.

Beginning with kitchen experiments of mixing Shea Butter and her love for essential oils and rich natural ingredients, Kafui’s creations for her skin and hair became so popular amongst her friends that she began making products to sell at markets around Cape Town. Fast-forward to today, where the Kafui Naturals range that is made lovingly available to you, from her hands.