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Hair Butter

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Let your hair feel loved with this incredible moisture sealant. Massage into your scalp to experience the pampering benefits of coconut oil, while enjoying the benefits of thickened, shinier, and strengthened hair, right from the hair roots, due to Jamaican Black Castor Oil and cold-pressed flaxseed oil. An added defense against hair loss is the Shea Butter that protects hair against damaging free radicals found in modern environments. Shea Butter is also a wonderful conditioner that takes care of sensitive skin, while ‘liquid gold’ Argan oil pumps the hair with rich nutrients including fatty acids and Vitamin E. Available in neutral or tea tree oil, this is an indulgent way to hair growth. Your hair will thank you for supplying it with the nutrients generously given by the Hair Butter!


Store at room temperature and out of direct sunlight.

Vegan and cruelty free — No fillers, Colorants or preservatives